If you are an international investor in Spain your chances of being inspected are rising considerably.

Spain badly need international investors to boost the economy but the idea does not land in its very slow fiscal administration. The AEAT, Spanish … Read More

The big social and traditional media repercussion of the ‘Panama Papers’ seems to have faded now.  

Apart from the anecdotical British Virgin Islands’ Financial Service Commission (FSC) fine to the law firm Mossack Fonseca , only a few investigations triggered … Read More

The AEAT, Spanish Tax Agency, is keeping a particular war against international investors and large multinationals

The Spanish Tax Inspectors continue their frentic activity going after international High Net Worth Individuals and multinationals and this trend does not seem … Read More

Tax Offices around the world continue targeting taxpayers to patch the public deficit hole up

Let me state clearly my position as international tax adviser:

Tax is a fundamental instrument for the progress of citizenships and necessary to protect the Read More