In the Anglo Spanish tax and legal world, the position of Gibraltar, both for proximity and for the uniqueness of its legal and tax regime is fascinating. A very good place to get some professional information about Gibraltar is the Grant Thornton site.

From the years of the Utrecht Treaty in the 18th Century, times have changed substantially. Today Gibraltar, a territory of the United Kingdom, has developed an unique position in the European Union and in the global financial markets.

Culturally, Gibraltar reflects the influence and coexistence of Britons and Spaniards with a clear Mediterranean flavor.

Politically Gibraltar has become a unique jurisdiction in the European Union territory. Gibraltar. Whilst Gibraltar under Article 227(4) of the EEC Treaty is within the European Union by virtue of being a European territory for whose external relations Britain is responsible, Article 28 of the 1971 UK Assession Treaty relieves Gibraltar from the common customs tariff, the common agricultural policy and the harmonisation of turnover taxes, in particular VAT.

The relationship between the three governments of Spain, UK and Gibraltar is progressing in the context of the Tripartite agreement signed in Cordoba in 2004 provides a route plan to continue improving this cooperation.It is a robust jurisdiction claiming its place in the global economy and the issue of decolonization and independence from the United Kingdom and Spain is under review in the United Nations

Over the years Gibraltar has positioned itself as a great place to do business internationally and all the Financial and Tax Directives are applicable. Anti Money Laundering provisions and Know Your Client protocols in Gibraltar are applied with strict adherence to EU and OECD protocols.

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