Back from a six years’ gap, we, Spanish lawyers are watching a substantial increase on real estate transactions in Q1 2015.

The international tourism influx has substantially increased the queries and interest in Spanish properties, but also the interest in … Read More

In the Volokh conspiracy blog, the question about  marriage being a contract is asked.

He responded “I thought I’d respond to this on-blog because it illustrates a considerably broader point: In law, as in life, concepts like “contract” aren’t unitary … Read More

Leverage is the mantra of the times in philanthropy, and rightly so. People want to know that the charities they support are using donations as effectively as possible. Donors and institutional funders are more demanding, more discerning, and less detached. … Read More

Many clients ask me what do you specifically do as a lawyer and how do you add value to my business and life?

Although I am an abogado in Spain and a barrister in England, I like to call myself … Read More