We have been discussing in our taxprecision.com blog the main four issues to be addressed to terminate international tax avoidance and we are delighted to see that the OECD is targeting one of them, which relates to the role of … Read More

10/05/2012 –  The OECD’s Task Force on Tax and Development, meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, has launched the concept of Tax Inspectors Without Borders/ Inspecteurs des impôts sans frontières – a new initiative to help developing countries bolster their … Read More

According to an article published by OECD on 28.03.12, at a meeting at OECD’s first Global Forum on Transfer Pricing tax, officials from 90 countries agreed on the need to simplify transfer pricing rules, strengthen the guidelines on intangible issues … Read More

At the end of September, the taxation committee of the United States Council for International Business (USCIB) issued its comments on the scope of the OECD’s project on the transfer pricing aspects of intangibles. The OECD had released a scoping … Read More